Central motor


 The best seller of commercial motorization


 Compact and powerful:

Thanks to a range of torques up to 180 Nm with only 335 mm motor length, this motor can motorize shutters up to 320 kg!

Several possibilities of implementation!
irect assembly on Ø 60 and 76 mm tubes, or with rings on Ø 34, 42 and 48 mm tubes. It drives the shutter by means of a Ø 200 or 220 mm crown (240 mm with a spacer).

Easy adjustment:

Only one opening and one closure are needed to set “up” and “down” limit positions.

Integrated declutching system:
t gives the opportunity to operate the shutter (assembled on a tube which is equipped with spring boxes) in an easy way, in case of power failure. The new declutching handle concept makes quick, easy and in an intuitively way the manual opening or closure.





SIMU makes up the declutching system

The new declutching handle combined with a good balancing makes this range the ideal solution for commercial installations.



 Technical characteristics

  •  MC Pro

  •  MC Standard

  • . Power supply 230 volts - 50 Hz  or 120 Volts - 60 Hz (for US range)
  • . Thermal cut-out 4 minutes
  • . Cable White, 4 m Standard cable