Commercial Access

Safety by SIMU

 The European standard situation

Since May 1st 2005, a new standardization for industrial, commercial and garage doors is effective.
This new standardization is defined by the EN 1241-1, which covers 4 main subsets (terminology standards, environmental standards, safety standards and electric standards).
The manufacturer is responsible for the conformity of a door to the EN 12241-1 standard and guarantees this conformity via an initial type test by a notified body.


The SIMU Advantage

 SIMU wants to help its partners for their doors certification:
- on one hand, by offering a wide range of products to meet a maximum of standard requirements,
- on the other hand, by guarantying the compatibility of SIMU products with all the components that make a finished door.

With this aim in view, SIMU worked with notified bodies to get EN 13241-1 test reports in order to certify SIMU products when they are associated to the least favourable doors in the market. This is a proof of the quality of SIMU products and of the brand willing to sell products, which are perfectly conform to the market requirements.

Wherever the test sharing is already in effect, SIMU places these test results at customers’