Safety accessories

 A complete range serving security and conformity !


SIMU offers a wide range of safety accessories necessary to ensure people and property security, and which are required for standard-compliant installation of grilles and metal shutters.


SIMU safety accessories:

Safety brakes

 The SIMU range is composed of 5 safety brakes, which offer the following torques: 137, 258, 404, 708 and 1000Nm.
The safety brake has a double function :
• support of the shutter shaft
• blocking of the shutter in case of a shutter suspension component failure.

If the safety brake is engaged, a safety switch cuts the electric power of the motor, avoiding consequential damage to the shutter and motor.

The safety brake function is compulsory to make an installation in accordance with EN 12604.



Safety edges

 Easy to install, the SIMU safety edges detect all obstacles and are essential accessories to be conform to standards and to guarantee safe installations.







Photo-electric cells

 Photo-electric cells ensure presence detection to protect people and property. As soon as the barrier cell is crossed, the motor power supply is instantaneously cut.







Signalling accessories

 SIMU offers you an orange light in order to complete your installation and warn people of any door movement.