SA Hz radio control boxes

 The best of a remote control


 The SA Hz control is the most appropriate solution to equip rolling doors in a safe way and in accordance with the new European Standards.

It combines comfort of use and the wellknown reliability of SIMU products and also gives the opportunity to realize reliable installations in order to ensure the security to users.





RSA Hz radio receiver

 More than a mere receiver, the new RSA Hz is a real control box which will give you the opportunity to drive a single-phase motor (up to 750 W) and to connect a signal light (and/or an area lighting) and up to 3 safety accessories: a safety edge and one or two photo-electric cell kits (directly connected on the RSA Hz).








 TSA Hz remote controls

The design and dimensions (reduced sizes) of TSA Hz remote controls are the guaranty of a perfect handhold and an easy and fast programming.

2 channels TSA Hz
The 2 channels TSA Hz remote control gives the opportunity to control up to 2 motors.

4 channels TSA Hz
The 4 channels TSA Hz remote control gives the opportunity to control up to 4 motors, or only one motor in 3 buttons mode (Up, Stop and Down). The locking of the remote control function avoids inopportune orders.




SA Hz radio keypad



The new SA Hz keypad is the best way to control automatic devices in a secure way, without any key or remote control.

A main code gives the opportunity to simultaneously control 2 automatic devices (one for a gate and another one for a garage door, for example). A secondary code enables a partial access to the area by controlling only one of the automatic devices.






 SA Hz standard receiver



 Le nouveau récepteur standard SA Hz permet de commander via les télécommandes TSA Hz et le digicode radio SA Hz jusqu’à 2 automatismes filaires (type SIMUDRIVE).
Associé au RSA Hz, il s’agit du complément idéal pour le pilotage de votre portail ou porte supplémentaire.