Always operational:
Thanks to an integrated manual override, you can retract or deploy the shutter curtain in case of power failure.

A discreet solution:
Located inside the roller tube, the DMI6 motor considerably reduces the total diameter of the motorized axle, when the shutter is rolled up. Thus, it reduces the required space (between-walls).

ts compact head is easily fixed thanks to its numerous possible positions. The end limit adjustment is easy thanks to the accessibility to the setting screws.



Technical characteristics


  • Power supply: 230 Volts - 50 Hz
                        120 Volts - 60 Hz (US range)
  • Thermal cut-out: 4 minutes
                             5 min. (US range)
  • Progressive end-limit switch capacity: 28 rounds 
  • Standard cable length: 4 wires of 0.75 mm2
                                      white H05 VVF, 2.5m long
                                      black H05 RRF, 0.7m long
  • Protection index: IP 44
  • Basic crown for round tube: Ø 63 x 1.5 mm
  • DMI reduction ratio: 55/1