Simu Hz radio control


In order to adapt its products to users’ needs, SIMU has created a range of motors, transmitters and automatic devices using SIMU-Hz radio system. The technology has been proving its value in the field for almost 10 years and its quality is recognized in the shutter industry. Today, the SIMU-Hz radio system is setting the standard for reliability in the motorized shutter market.

The SIMU-Hz radio system is a reliable and
open-ended system. The “Rolling Code” technology with over 16 million possible combinations keeps the commands secure.
With a range of 200 m in a free field and 20 m between two reinforced concrete walls, SIMU-Hz radio system offers maximum freedom and many possibilities in the choice of the position of transmitters. It allows to realise all types of control: individual, group and general.

The SIMU-Hz transmitters, automatics and receivers :


 Wall Hz transmitter

 A colour for every style!
This range is composed of 9 transmitters, which will give you a solution for each type of decoration or each desire. In Standard (white or beige), High Tech (metallic grey or black), Trend (orange, green, purple or blue) or Nature (light oak) version, they will fit harmoniously to each decoration classic or modern.

The installation is made in a twinkling of an eye:
no wiring needed as the control orders are transmitted by radio waves for an easy and quick installation. You just have to hold them on the wall with 2 screws. The interior decoration is then preserved from holes and shoots.




COLOR remote controls

 3 versions
Standard, High-Tech and Trend to meet all desires and to fit all types of interior decoration, the classic such as the modern ones.

A perfect handhold thanks to reduced sizes and round lines.

1 or 5 channels
The COLOR remote controls are available with 1 (COLOR 1) or 5 channels (COLOR 5). With its 5 channels, COLOR 5 allows to centralize until 5 different remote controls.


Timer Hz 

 Keep easy, it takes care of everything
Everything become simple when you do not have to think to open or close your shutters. You need not worry every time you leave home, knowing that the SIMU-Hz timer will take care of everything. You can come back late, shutters will be closed. In case of prolonged absence, the Timer Hz will be the ideal partner to simulate a presence.

The Timer Hz fits to your needs
Five automatic running modes will allow you to configure the Timer Hz according to your desires and your lifestyle.




Hz receiver

 Upgrade your wired system!
The Hz receiver is the ideal cost-effective solution for upgrading wired installations into radio controlled systems offering all the benefits of the SIMU-Hz radio system.

Easy of installation
Thanks to reduce dimensions and an optimised connector, the Hz receiver is easily and quickly integrate into every boxes, even the smallest ones.